Marketing activity of the enterprise is the basis for obtaining a stable profit

Enterprise in a market economyis the center of customer satisfaction. In conditions when the supply exceeds the demand from the consumer market, the efforts of marketing specialists are aimed at studying what consumers want and for which they are ready to pay money. Effectively organized marketing activity of the enterprise is precisely the implementation of their needs and requests for the creation of new products and the improvement of existing ones, the formation of prices for the range of products, as well as the construction of effective sales channels and the choice of ways to promote goods on the market.

The marketing activity of the enterprise isa comprehensive study of the market in order to identify the existing and projected demand for developing specific programs targeted at the target market segments, whose goal is to strengthen the company's position in the market, increase sales, and, consequently, to ensure a set profit. Thus, marketing at the enterprise in the face of the marketing service is a kind of think tank - on the basis of information from marketing managers, the company's production, research, sales, personnel, financial policies are formed. So, based on the forecast value of demand, a sales plan is formed, which is the basis for the development of the production program of the enterprise, which in turn determines the relationship with suppliers and the need for the workforce of the enterprise in the planning period.

Analysis of marketing activities of the enterpriseallows to distinguish its key functions: analysis of the current magnitude of demand and its changes in the future, conducting marketing research aimed at studying the influence of environmental factors on the organization's activities with a view to regulating the internal and external potential of the firm and determining strategic behavior in the future; enterprise product policy, the formation of the pricing policy of the enterprise, the formation of distribution channels (product distribution strategies and) the development of communication policy with consumers, the formation of programs of promotion of products on the market.

When choosing a marketing strategy guideof the majority of enterprises proceeds from the fact that the needs of buyers are diverse and very different, therefore it is practically impossible to create a universal product that satisfies all consumers at once. In order for the marketing activity of the enterprise to be effective and contribute to the achievement of the ultimate goal, i.e. provided profit, marketing specialists initially analyze the market opportunities of the firm, then segment the market according to a number of criteria, evaluating and selecting the most attractive market segments. Then selecting one or more segments to master, they decide on what properties and characteristics the product will be able to win its distinctive place in the market and in the minds of the buyers who form this segment, i.e. develop a positioning strategy and embody it in the marketing mix. The marketing complex includes a set of tools that marketers have at their disposal, with the help of which they can influence the demand for their product from the market. The complex of marketing is formed by the so-called 5 "Р": the goods, the price, the place of sale, promotion and personnel. The analysis of marketing activity of the enterprise allows to estimate, what response from the target market the combination of 5 "Р" in marketing strategies and plans of the enterprise finds.

Thus, marketing activitiesthe enterprise promotes the rational use of the enterprise's resources by developing specific programs targeted at the target groups of consumers, which ultimately leads to the achievement of the desired economic results of the work, i.e. profit.