How to sell a car with numbers? And some more tips from the experienced driver

Buying and selling cars is a serious matter, andthis should be treated accordingly. It is necessary to re-execute many different documents and perform a number of procedures. Is it possible to sort out all these subtleties on your own?

How to sell a car with numbers.

One friend told about his situation whenhe first sold the car. The buyer gave a deposit, and promised to give the rest of the money later. The car has already been taken off the register, and the new buyer has not yet been registered: he said that this is not necessary. Quite strange, is not it?

We will try to briefly describe whatneed documents for sale, as well as the actual sale process. Now there are a lot of scammers who deceive beginners, and it's important not to let yourself be.

How to sell a car with numbers?

Urgently to sell the car

It turns out that it is not as difficult as it seems. It is only necessary to carry out a number of formalities. Car registration for a new owner without obtaining new numbers can be carried out in two ways.

1) If your car has not yet been taken off the GIBDD,the buyer and seller must appear together in the registration and maintenance department at the place of its registration. For registration of the contract of purchase and sale, they hand over to the inspector personal passports and all available documents for the car. Forms for filling out are issued on the spot. After that, the traffic police officer takes 1 copy of the contract, which will be the basis for taking the car off the register. In the second copy it will be indicated, in whose name was the removal of the vehicle, and this contract remains with the buyer. After the car was removed from the register, the buyer with the received documents will have to visit the registration department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate at their place of residence. This is a significant refinement. Where to sell a car is one side, and registration for a new owner is possible only at the place of residence of the latter.

How to sell a car with numbers? This is a separate issue.

It is best to use the second method (described below) if you need to urgently sell the car. But, as said, the car must be removed from the register.

2) The seller and the buyer must come to the REB forplace of residence of the buyer for registration of purchase and sale. With you you need to take the passport of the seller and the buyer, and also the seller must have a technical passport of the car with a note on the removal from the register. It will take a certificate of registration of the car.

Another question: do you need transit numbers? What are they for? Here, too, there is nothing complicated. If the buyer and the seller, the owner of the vehicle, live in the same city, and the car has not yet been taken off the register, transit numbers can not be put on it. But the seller and the buyer will need to turn to the REP of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate at the place of registration of the vehicle. The question of how to sell a car with numbers, in this case is solved quickly enough.

Where to sell the car.

The seller issues an application for the removal of the carfrom the account, and the buyer - the statement on statement of the car on the account. After that, they will have to fill out the contract forms and hand them over to the traffic police officer. That's the answer to the question of how to sell a car with numbers. The buyer can only get a fresh technical passport of the vehicle, which, by mutual agreement, remains the same number.

Have a good trip!