Rules for the registration of motor vehicles: what is the difference between a tractor and a car?

Current Russian legislationprovides for the presence of vehicles of state license plates, which are issued by the registration authorities as a result of a certain registration procedure.

Similar rules apply for the registration of motor vehicles for all existing transport, starting with brand new saloon cars, tractors,

Rules for registration of vehicles
special equipment, various types of trailers, andfinishing with certified homemade masterpieces of Russian Kulibins, with which their native spaces are famous. In other words, any kind of vehicles, subject to the availability of wheels, and the ability to control and move along the roads of Russia, is subject to registration with the state.

The normative basis for this is the developedMVD Rules for the registration of vehicles and trailers to them, which determine the list of documents necessary for this and the procedure for conducting the procedure. In principle, the registration process itself is simple enough and consists of three stages - the passing of a technical inspection, payment of state duty and submission of a package of necessary documents to the appropriate authority.

However, the current registration rulesmotor vehicles involve some difference in registration between motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc.) and road-building equipment (tractors, bulldozers and other special vehicles).

Rules for Registration of Motor Vehicles
Rules for Registration of Motor Vehiclesdetermine the main registration authority exercising state control and accounting for such vehicles, district offices of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. The standard list of documents required for registration consists of a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, a contract of sale, a PTA, and an OSAGO insurance policy. If the registrant is not the owner of the vehicle, an additional power of attorney will be required. Another special case is the transport purchased abroad. To register it, in addition to the usual documents, you will also need a certificate of passage of customs and transit license plates.

It should be noted that despite the apparentthe simplicity of the procedure, in fact, in order to register, for example, a car, it is necessary to spend a lot of time, which will leave, mainly, to idle in lines. And despite all attempts of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate in recent years to optimize the registration rules for motor vehicles and to speed up the registration procedure, all these efforts proved futile.

Rules of state registration of tractors
Nevertheless, at present it inspires hoperecently developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs a new regulation, which promises not only to significantly speed up the registration procedure, but also to simplify it. For example, in accordance with the innovations, in order to sell the car, now it will not be necessary to withdraw from the account, so the "old" numbers will pass to the new owner of the car.

Somewhat different from road transportrules of state registration of tractors and road-building machines, as well as trailers to them. Registration of such transport is exclusively within the competence of Gostehnadzor. The list of documents is approximately the same as for registration of motor vehicles. The essential difference is that legal entities need to register additionally with the regional military registration office before registering with the state registration and provide appropriate proof to the Gostehnadzor.