How to re-arrange the car without problems

The car changes the owner, and for this can beseveral reasons: buying a car with mileage, transferring the car into ownership from one owner to another, re-equipping the car and so on. To be sure that after a while you will not have a problem, let's try to figure out how to arrange the car correctly in each of these cases.

Buying a car is quite a joyful eventfor his new owner, but also troublesome at the same time. Especially its main stage is re-registration. How to re-arrange the car so that in the future there were no problems, and the ownership of it was fixed legally competently?

Quite often when selling a car privatethe seller is trying to avoid all the extra costs - payment of notarial services and payment of taxes, therefore, he suggests to carry out the transaction of transferring the car with the help of a general power of attorney. Of course, with this method, you can become a master of the desired purchase very quickly. But is it worth it? After all, the new owner can not both re-arrange the car for himself, and become his full-fledged master. The ownership of the car will still belong to its former owner.

The process of registering a new purchase basically consists of three main points:

- removal of the previous owner of the car from the account;

- registration of the purchase;

- a new registration of the car.

To take off from the account in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate the bought car shouldits former owner. But to make sure that the car is absolutely "clean", i.e. is not hijacked, is not wanted and does not create other legal problems, it is desirable that in this procedure there was also a new owner.

After the removal from the register, you must officially commitpurchase, resorting to the help of a commission shop, which performs intermediary functions between the buyer and the seller. There are certain requirements that specify how to arrange the purchase of a car in such a way. To do this, it is necessary to provide the car with a passport for the car, where it is noted that it has been removed from the register, as well as the passports of the owners, new and former. If necessary, you can also provide a power of attorney and necessarily write an application for the purchase. The commission shop, observing all the necessary formalities, exposes the car for sale, and the buyer immediately purchases it.

The deal between the store and the new owner of the carconfirmed by a report and a certificate-account, which provides the commission agent. Both these documents are the basis for a new registration with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. This is how the transaction allows you to become a full owner of a car without any delays and violations of the law.

After completing the transaction, beforeto re-arrange the car, do not interfere with carefully reviewing all the documents received by hand, for errors, inaccuracies or disagreements. Such a simple procedure will make it possible to avoid serious problems in the future.

Commission shops carrying out transactionsthere are a lot of such things now. Therefore, it is worth to find out what prices in the selected shop are for similar cars, whether it has problems with the law, etc. At the same time, for an additional fee, the store itself can also share information about the car - whether it has a criminal "trace", what is its customs and credit history. If you buy a fairly expensive car, a service of this kind should not be neglected.

Now within five days it is necessary to put the car again on the account, having paid all gathering and taxes in traffic police in a residence. After that, you can already use the purchase rightfully and legally.

If the car was given to the new owner byinheritance, then here again you need to know how to re-arrange the car for a new owner. And the first thing is necessary - to get a notarized certificate of ownership and contact him in the traffic police. In addition, the heir must show the passport of the car and its photocopy, as well as a document on the former owner, confirming the ownership.

Heir, according to Russian legislation,enters the inheritance rights for 6 months. And while this procedure will not be observed, it is not allowed to dispose of the car, including re-register it on legal grounds.