How to put the car on the account in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (State Road Safety Inspectorate)?

After the purchase of the car, the new owneris obliged within 30 days to put it on the account in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. During the setting procedure, you will receive new license plates, as well as a certificate of registration and a mark in the vehicle registration certificate. It should be noted that this procedure is very difficult, but if you know in advance which documents to prepare and who to contact, you can do everything in a matter of hours.

how to put the car on the account in the traffic police

How to put the car on the account in the traffic police? Preparing the necessary documents

To begin with, let's note a list of all the necessary papers and documents that traffic police will require from you. To register, you need to present:

  • The document proving the identity (ie the passport).
  • The contract of sale of the vehicle.
  • The policy of OSAGO.
  • Technical passport of the car.
  • Several photocopies of the vehicle's technical passport and a sales contract.

What to do in the traffic police?

Next, to answer the question of howput the car on the record in the traffic police, you must first sign up there and at the appointed time to come to the scene. First thing on arrival, you need to find a window in which cars are staged by appointment. There you should submit the entire package of documents prepared by you. In addition to the passport, policy and contract, you will also need to provide an application and paid receipts of the state duty (all examples and details can be found on the official website of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate). Next, the inspector will check the correctness of filling all the documents and send your vehicle to a special site for inspection.

GIBDD put on the car

It should be noted that if you passthis procedure in the general order, you still have to defend a long queue for filing all the necessary documents. Therefore, to save your personal time, come to the traffic police in advance, and before you put the car on the record in the traffic police, put your car closer to the site for inspection. By the way, there is also formed its own order - from cars, so if you arrive later, you will have to defend two lines - when submitting a package of documents and inspecting the inspector of your vehicle.

But let's go back.After the inspector checked on the site the number of the body, engine and frame with the prescribed data in the technical passport of the car, he will put a mark on the passage of this procedure in the form. After that, you need to return to the same box and provide this paper with a statement and a note on the inspection of the vehicle. If you did everything correctly, you will be immediately given new numbers and a registration coupon. Then you can safely go home with your new car - now only you are its full and legitimate owner.

GIBDD registration of the car


So, we have considered the main nuances atpassing the procedure of setting the machine to account. At this stage, the question "how to put the car in the traffic police" can be considered closed. However, there is another option.

Finally, let's talk about how to putThe car is registered in the traffic police without spending any personal time. Now there are a lot of companies (as a rule, this procedure is carried out by car dealerships), which provide assistance when setting up a new or used car for registration. Such a service costs about 3,5-10 thousand rubles. In the traffic police registration of the car without the participation of intermediaries is 1 thousand rubles.